Post-hunt survey is now available. The link is at the top of the Puzzles page.

The first part of the opening presentation is now available.

The kickoff presentation will be available here starting at 10am on Saturday, September 17th.

You are cordially invited to the
Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting of the
Parallax Antimatter Research Analysis Laboratory
Linear Accelerator Xyclotron.


PU22LEHUNT PARALLAX will be September 17-18, 2022.

This will be a virtual-compatible event.
There are NO live events on campus.

If you choose to be on campus it is YOUR responsibility to comply
with Microsoft policies, including ALL guest policies.

Read and use as appropriate.
Hunt organizers are NOT facilitating guest registration.
You need to register for visitor badges in advance since you can’t do guest registration on weekends.
And you need to register any visitor cars in advance as well.
See the rules for more information.

A brief online kickoff presentation will begin at 10am on Saturday, September 17th.

A brief online closing presentation will begin shortly after 5pm on Sunday, September 18th.

Read the FAQ and Rules here.

If you are unable to participate in this hunt on the scheduled weekend,
and would be interested in testing or participating in a beta,
send mail to